The Art of a Story

Finding one’s way in today’s society is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. The economic, social, and ecological crisis pressing the contemporary individual comes hand in hand with a crisis of values and uncertainty in the search for meaning. It indeed appears most likely that the theatre will above all remain an arena which allows for a long-missed feeling of community, belonging, and connectedness to emerge over and over again in a manner almost unintended and coincidental.
The Mladi Levi Festival takes place in the late summer atmosphere of increased sensibility and receptiveness, making us want to invite each other to have a look under the surface and thus to mutually enter a landscape inhabited by a different soul, mentality, and reality.
The Festival once again brings a breath of fresh air and stories from all over the world, this time placing special emphasis on the rather distant and less familiar Asia. Stories of a personal, or documentary nature are narrated as testimonies of individuals who are faced with the complexities of the present time and society. Such stories and many others will become interwoven with the local context, which is also the target of our slow but nevertheless persistent effort to awaken a feeling of community as well as a responsible and personal attitude towards the local environment.

Dear friends, artists, and Mladi Levi Festival fans, Please accept our invitation to celebrate together, to peek into the Garden by the Way, and, first and foremost, to enjoy the performances!

Nevenka Koprivšek and The Mladi Levi Festival team

festival program


International festival Mladi Levi is one of the more prominent annual events of the Bunker Institute, bringing the most current stage performers from all over the world to Ljubljana every end of the summer, since 1998. It bears a mark of a demanding artistic profile, placed within the arena of contemporary progressive theatre and takes pride in its reputation for discovering young talents. The Festival has a distinctive atmosphere, marked with creativity and vibrant spirit, curious audience and social nature.

Festival Mladi Levi inhabits a place of encounters and surprises, continuously opening up to foreign artists and guests, who take pleasure in art and spread contemporary artistic or social topics in front of one another. It is a place of exchange as well as a cradle of new ideas, friendships and co-operations, which frequently extend beyond the local concepts or borders in the process of their growth.


Ticket reservation and information: +386 51 269 906,
Tickets have a symbolic price of 1 €. Volunteer contributions can be donated at all festival venues.
Tickets can be picked up and paid for at the box office of the event venue, which opens an hour before the beginning.