Greetings to all!

The year gone by has been a very dramatic one indeed. In retrospect, it seems as if last year’s festival programme somehow anticipated the future with its restless spirit and vivid politically and socially engaged content. On one hand, it caught the wind of resistance against social and economic imbalances as it paid tribute to the working class, while on the other hand also providing a backdrop for the upcoming protests. Even though resistance still goes on living its global life in the present day, it nevertheless feels like we’ve gotten trapped in some kind of uncertain tranquillity and disbelief in the future. Trapped in an in-between space of some sort, inhabited by our efforts to rearticulate ourselves through more fluid identities in search of new premises and alliances.

And that is exactly what the forthcoming festival programme reflects: acknowledgment of the fact that there is no such thing as a simple solution and that it is therefore all the more important to look for alternatives together. To create spaces which encourage this porosity, confrontations and playfulness – not only in-between different art forms, but also in the constant erasure of borders between various actors and audiences.

Our interests lie in those specific in-between spaces that allow, for example, for the vivid interaction between music and other genres. Where exploration and play can come into being, where we can see dance flirt with light, where ordinary people can exchange roles with performers.

Nevenka Koprivšek

Our interests lie in those in-between spaces where art can propel the creation of imbalances, crucial for the re-creation of new balances and new ecology of relations. Do join us somewhere in-between and lets shake it together!

festival program


International festival Mladi Levi is one of the more prominent annual events of the Bunker Institute, bringing the most current stage performers from all over the world to Ljubljana every end of the summer, since 1998. It bears a mark of a demanding artistic profile, placed within the arena of contemporary progressive theatre and takes pride in its reputation for discovering young talents. The Festival has a distinctive atmosphere, marked with creativity and vibrant spirit, curious audience and social nature.

Festival Mladi Levi inhabits a place of encounters and surprises, continuously opening up to foreign artists and guests, who take pleasure in art and spread contemporary artistic or social topics in front of one another. It is a place of exchange as well as a cradle of new ideas, friendships and co-operations, which frequently extend beyond the local concepts or borders in the process of their growth.


Ticket reservation and information: +386 51 269 906,
Tickets have a symbolic price of 1 €. Volunteer contributions can be donated at all festival venues.
Tickets can be picked up and paid for at the box office of the event venue, which opens an hour before the beginning.