23. 8.–1. 9. (with the exception of 24. 8.) from 5 pm to 7 pm
park Tabor

During the course of the festival, the new Tabor station will emerge and function for two hours every day in Tabor Park, thus allowing artists and local residents to meet and chat. We’ll be hearing music from the tree tops – specific sound equipment will be made available for each separate day, depending on the festival programme. On top of that, several sound stations will be scattered across the park, where listeners will be able to put their headphones on, sip lemonade and enjoy the cosy atmosphere while listening to interviews with festival team members, hear stories and opinions by local residents and find out more about special editions from the My Street initiative.

Concept: Nevenka Koprivšek
Programme editors and content producers: Ana Duša, Špela Frlic
Audio editor: Jure Vlahovič
Visual image: prostoRož
Production: Bunker, Ljubljana
My Street editions are prepared by the Divja misel Institute.