Zita Swoon Group v sodelovanju z Rosas: Dancing With The Sound Hobbyist

Thursday, August 22nd at 9 pm
amphitheatre at the Metelkova museum platform

A dialogue between music and movement
Zita Swoon, one of the most popular Belgian bands, has shown an inexhaustible capacity for revitalization and gradually turned into a polymorphous company renamed Zita Swoon Group, which works on a range of specific projects. The band has been on the scene since the beginning of the 1990s. Their music is a fusion of rock, soul, pop, blues, funk and Afro-Cuban style. With Dancing With The Sound Hobbyist, Zita Swoon’s cosmopolitan world of melodies will be seen flirting with movement or – better yet – dance, thanks to their collaboration with the visiting choreographer, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, who devised the performance of Simon Mayer, a dancer of the Rosas group. The dialogue emerging between the two genres is simply exquisite, refined by the intoxicating art of rhythm and melancholia together with the dynamics of movement. Small optimistic answers to big questions. A story about freedom. A performance that expands its stage up to the internal organs of the audience. Music that watches dance.


Choreography, dance, vocals, guitar: Simon Mayer
Coaching, choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Musical director, organ, guitar, vocals: Stef Kamil Carlens
Percussion: Aarich Jespers, Amel Serra García
Vocals, xylophone, percussion, dance: Kapinga Gysel, Eva Tshiela Gysel
Electric bass, contrabass: Bart Van Lierde
Grand piano, keyboard: Wim De Busser

90 minutes


22. 08. 2013