Dječaci: concert

Due to the bad weather forecast the concert is postponed to the end of September!

When Ljubljana turns into a harbour
Two years ago the concert to be played by the band Dječaci was washed away as the rain came pouring down. Great expectations therefore accompany their forthcoming return. So let’s start from the beginning once again: “There’s nothing I dig more in the summer bloom / Than coming back from the beach in the afternoon / On the sofa I perch and that peach I nibble / Then check out them lucky pairs as I dribble / I sit through the news, the sports and the weather / While with tap water I quench my thirst altogether / The dirt called my earwax I thoroughly clean / And check out what’s cooking in the pot full of steam … Stuffed peppers!” Sharp lyrics, direct messages. Their website says: “They rap well, but they’re retards.” The critics place them amongst the most creative hip hop groups in the Balkan region, but they are not all that often played on the radio as one might expect, since – as they note themselves – their lyrics are slightly too rough. However, they wouldn’t even consider “polishing shit,” just so that the editors might approve.


Dječaci are: Vojko Vrućina, Ivo Sivo, Zondo
Photo: x!x! • kreativna agencija


27. 08. 2013