Oliver Frljić: Mrzim istinu!

Friday, August 30th at 9.30 pm and Saturday, August 31st at 8 pm
Elektro Ljubljana Union Hall, entrance at the Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Repressing the past
The performances created by Oliver Frljić in the former states of Yugoslavia always reveal the most painful of stories – stories that a nation would normally try to forget, or at least try to keep silent. Mrzim istinu! is an intimate biographic documentary performance, narrating a traumatic story about the director’s family. It appears as if the audience has only come for a visit, only to bear witness to a family past emerging from the closet. The director stretches the dramatic arc with the help of memories, documents, testimonies… However, in a rather Rashomon manner, each family member seems to put forward his or her own version of the same story. A play inside a play. What really happened in the end? Is it true that the mother was beating her son repeatedly? Did she really love him more than she loved his sister? What qualifies as fiction here and what is an outright lie? Should one perhaps hate the truth? Is the history of a family actually nothing but a construct, like any other history?


Director, concept: Oliver Frljić
Cast: Ivana Roščić, Rakan Rushaidat, Filip Križan, Iva Visković
Production: Theatre & TD

Photo: Damir Žižić

60 minutes

The performance is in Croatian with Slovene and English surtitles.


30. 08. 2013


Sindikalna dvorana Elektro Ljubljana