Mathurin Bolze / Hedi Thabet- ALI

The French circus artist Mathurin Bolze, an acrobat of the air and a dancer, already bewitched us to the point of taking our breath away with a performance entitled Les Fenetres at The Mladi Levi Festival held two years ago. Despite his virtuosity, Mathurin never employs his skill in a boastful manner. He merely sets out to prove that his own body evades the laws and limits of gravity, which are there for the sole purpose of being constantly challenged.

The forthcoming Festival will present Mathurin Bolze together with his friend and fellow circus acrobat Hedi Thabet in a duet performance entitled Ali, which presents two bodies inhabiting the limits of the impossible, intertwining, parting, duplicating, reflecting one another and merging into one being. Our breath is once again taken away, and it is not at all clear where one begins and the other ends, to whom this or that head and leg belong, or where the movement is coming from. Facing our fears may well make us realize that a handicap can give a reason and proof of us actually being here, safe and sound only inasmuch as our body and spirit are capable of starting over. Ali is an ode to strength, friendship, gracefulness, and above all life.

Performed by: Mathurin Bolze, Hedi Thabet
Directed by: Jérôme Fevre, Ana Samoilovich
Produced by: Jule Grange, Colin Diederichs
Production: Compagnie les mains les pieds et la tête aussi
By the help of: La Brèche – centre des arts du cirque de Basse Normandie (Cherbourg), Le Studio Lucien (Lyon), Les Nouvelles Subsistances (Lyon)
Compagnie MPTA is supported by: DRAC, Règion Rhône Alpes, Ville de Lyon, Cultures France

25 minutes


29. 08. 2010


Plesni teater