De Utvalgte- SKUGGAR

The Norwegian theatre group De Utvalgte is returning to The Mladi Levi Festival with a poetic performance entitled Skuggar, the shadows. It is based on the text of one of the most interesting contemporary Norwegian dramatists, Jon Fosse, whose works have been performed by the De Utvalgte collective numerous times.

Skuggar is an enigmatic and surprising performance about the memories of people who have spent all their lives together. In the magically indefinable space of the performance, real-life older people from the present time encounter projections of children’s faces, portraying things passed. The children, reminiscences of the past, remember their life together and the stories connecting them through delicately interwoven dialogues.

The performance Skuggar takes place in a motionless moment of time, somewhere between the present and the past, looking backwards in a mirror. The most profound truths in life are uttered by children. Stories charm us and find a way under our skin, reminding spectators of their own most intimate feelings and memories, perhaps already buried. Who are we? What kind of traces do we leave in the lives of others?


Director: Kari Holtan
Photo and video designer: Boya Bøckman
Producer and dramaturge: Anne Holtan
Contributing concept developer: Torbjørn Davidsen
Original music: 3 Øre
Masks: Carle Lange
Music producer: John Birger Wormdahl
Voice instruction: Kari Holtan, Jørgen Langhelle
Lighting design: Jean Vincent Kerebel
Actors: Leo Holtan Bøckman, Iben Ossavy Kolbenstvedt, Fabian Sæthre, Synne Flikke, Ronja Maria Rodrigues in Lois Mathias Williams
Actors on stage: Eva Bøe Moen, Hans Wedvik, Kari Vik Knutsen in Stein Davidsen
Co-production: Black Box Teater
Supported by: The Norwegian Arts Council, Independent Performing Arts Norway,Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

65 minutes
Performance is in Norwegian with English subtitles.


24. 08. 2010


Stara mestna elektrarna