Tanja Lažetić: MIGRANTI

Friday, August 20th at 8.30 pm, open till Monday, 30th August
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana

Visual artist Tanja Lažetić uses photography, video, performance, the internet, and also an artbook in her authorial projects as expressive mediums. She frequently collaborates with artist Dejan Habicht in the conceptualization of her works and has been exhibiting in recent years at Center and Galerija P74, which is also where she held the premiere of her exhibition entitled Migranti, while other institutions to have featured her work include the Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana, the Biennial of Graphic Arts, and several other galleries in both Slovenia and Europe.

In the framework of The Mladi Levi Festival, Tanja Lažetić will present herself with the exhibition Migranti, which reflects her investigation of the origin and subsequent journey of the fruit which ends up on our supermarket shelves in a manner most ordinary and profane.

Do we ever ask ourselves where exactly that healthy red apple came from when we bite into it with great gusto?

Similarly as with real-life migrants ending up in various files as index cards with their photographs, names, and countries of birth, the exhibition Migranti likewise presents a thorough catalogue-like inventory of various fruits, stating their name, country of origin, as well as a picture of their shadow and essence.

Every entry represents an image which narrates its own story of two different worlds – the world of prosperity and the world of poverty, the world of satiation and the world of hunger, the world it comes from and the world it travels to. The exhibition Migranti is a fresh commentary on our time, system, and the simple truths of life.


20. 08. 2010


Stara mestna elektrarna