Location: Hostel Celica
Saturday, August 21st at 5.00 pm, exhibited until Monday, August 30th

This exhibition represented an epilogue in the process which we undertook together with the students from the Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts and their mentor, an architect Aleksander S. Ostan. We focused on exploring the presence, difficulties and qualities of the green surfaces in the Tabor local district. According to findings of a research performed by Bunker together with Matjaž Uršič and Špela Drnovšek Zorko in the beginning of this year, the majority of inhabitants and passers-by in this part of the city seem to miss the greenery and a space to rest and chat casually. This exhibition was not only about presenting our findings, but marked the beginning (and continuation) of an effort to turn the Tabor local district green and to thereby invited the visitors to participate in thought and action.

Essential part of the exhibition was a walking map of the Tabor local district, featuring several spaces and sight-viewing spots, which represented a crossroad of various green stories. The exhibition took place in live version by four different tours across the neighbourhood, guided by special guests.


21. 08. 2010