In the CtC -> CtI project the network has expanded to include five new partners and two associated partners, but most importantly has shifted its focus from audience building tocreating impact – the meaning and value our work can produce in terms of change, innovation, empowerment and emancipation.

CtC -> CtI’s core activities had focus on artistic creation: Space to Connect strived to change the use of space, within and outside of theaters with artistic tools; Create to Connect was a line of (co)productions trying to apply new models of collectivity to production processes; Adapt to Connect aimed to adapt shared work between partners to the local contexts and Working Encounters bring together artists, cultural workers, researches and students to exchange knowledge and ideas on the notion of “P/people”.

To measure and act upon impact, the CtC -> CtI’s partner The Research Centre of the Slovene Academy of Sciences and Arts had used ethnographic and anthropological methodologies to conduct in-depth qualitative research to assess the impact of partner organizations’ activities in the society.

Is a continuation of the Create to Connect (CtC) project which started in 2013 as a joint effort of ten European cultural organizations (and three associate partners) to create powerful and long-lasting connections of artists, cultural operators, researchers and audience; seeking new production models for engaging the audience in new, innovative ways; and creating together new public arenas through dialogue and participation.

The project started in September 2018 and has ended on 31st August 2022, and is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


  • Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia – Lead partner
  • Artsadmin, London, UK
  • AltArt, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen, Norway
  • La Villette, Paris, France
  • Noorderzon, Groningen, Netherlands
  • Theater Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Arts and Theatre
  • Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal
  • ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Drugo more, Rijeka, Croatia
  • Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy
  • NTGent, Gent, Belgium
  • Public Art Platform – Tbilisi, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • United Artist Labour, Belgrade, Serbia

Associated partners:

  • Cross Border, Vienna, Austria
  • Hammana Artist House, Beirut, Lebanon

Bunker's Activities

Create to Connect:
*Lea Kukovičič: FORSALE Performance Auction House, Mladi levi 2021
*Beton Ltd.: Hoppla, wir leben. The Lost Gesture of Self Resignation, September 2021

Adapt to Connect:
*Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands, Mladi levi festival 2019
*God’s Entertainment: Under the Carpet, Mladi levi festival 2020
*Francesca Grilli: Sparks, Mladi levi festival 2020
*Marta Pulk: A Year Full of Drama, Mladi levi festival 2020
*Name:: SOS_SMS, Mladi levi festival 2020
*Tania el Khoury: Cultural Exchange Rate, Mladi levi festival 2021
*God’s Entertainment: Europe To Go, Mladi levi festival 2021
*Kolektiv Igralke & Tjaša Črnigoj: Grannies, Mladi levi festival 2021
*Benjamin Verdonck: Continuum, Mladi levi 2021
*Ine Ubben: My Apartment, Mladi levi festival 2021
*Julian Hetzel: All Inclusive, Mladi levi 2022
*Cuerpo Sur: Mutilated, Mladi levi 2022
*Cuerpo Sur: Minga of a Ruined House, Mladi levi 2022
*Daniel Victoria: Love, Feathers and Javier Solis, Mladi levi 2022
*Sciarroni: Save the Last Dance for me (with workshop), Mladi levi 2022
*Susana Botero: Fasciarium, Mladi levi 2022

Space to Connect:
*Urša Vidic: The Wall, Mladi levi festival 2019
*Installation of hearing loop, memory book and organised public tours in Old Power Station, 2019
*Siniša Labrović: Closet, Mladi levi 2021
*Siniša Labrović: Faces of Europe, Mladi levi 2022
*Hospitality programme in Stara mestna elektrarna, 2022
*Context, 2022
*Beton LTd.: The German Cycle, 2022
*Schools in Culture, 2022
*Improvement of Hearing loop, 2022
*Closing two day event of the CtC – CtI, 2022
*Book: Social impact in art and culture: the diverse lives of a concept, 2022