In the research stage of the performance Love, Feathers and Javier Solis, the Mexican artist Daniel Alberto Victoria, who has a master’s degree in Directing at the DAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, studied a lot of Youtube videos about flying (the albatross bird and the Concorde radio-controlled plane) in order to learn how to fly. But he was not the only one who was learning to fly – in the performance, he tests the flying potential of countless objects at his disposal and obsessively encourages their ability to fly by accelerating the air – including with a hair dryer.

The intimate performance is not about observing the birds and wondering how the birds manage to take on just one small impulse and are already somewhere else, past the past, high up in the air, on their way to somewhere else. In Love, Feathers and Javier Solis, we are faced with a performer who considers flying the easier part, and the subsequent existential questions that arise require an effort and a theatre in order to be faced collectively: the audience and the performer, birds and objects, and Mexican singer of the previous century Javier Solis.

Direction and performance: Daniel Victoria
Body consultant: Viktor Černický
Dramaturgy consultant: Cristina Maldonado
Stage and objects: Mara Ingea
Lighting design: Carmen Lee
Supported by: Evropska unija – program Ustvarjalna Evropa: Kultura, Create to Connect -> Create to Impact

Performance is in English.

Photo by: Mara Ingea, Michael Lozano


22. 08. 2022


21:30 - 22:20


1 €


ŠD Tabor