Francesca Grilli: SPARKS

The performances and installations of the Italian artist Francesca Grilli, who operates between visual art and the performativity of theatre, are studies of human interaction. As part of the Mladi levi festival, she invited a group of local children aged 9 to 12 to participate, thus creating a platform of untested opportunities for a shift of power between children and adults. What happens if adults place the possibility of shaping and predicting the future in the hands of children? Sparks put us in the situation of the interpretation of the body, providing the viewer with a unique view of the world. The insight is offered by the children who become fortune tellers and bearers of magical powers for a while. With the knowledge of hand astrology or palmistry, studied in depth by a group of local children, the little oracles foretell the future, past and present to member of audience by reading the lines on their palms. When we really re-think and sincerely believe in the saying that children are our future, and we put ourselves in their hands completely and without fear … we will then hear their inner voice that foretells our fate. Not our collective fate, though, but a personal one, which is intimately prophesied to each individual. Although we have already come to terms with the collapse of our world, we are still tormented by the question of what will happen to myself specifically, what will be my individual destiny in this world. How will this make us feel and where will our position of power be at that moment – this we have to find out for ourselves.

Creation: Francesca Grilli
Sound: Roberto Rettura
Palm reading: Guido Rossetti
Words: Azzurra D’Agostino
Movements: Benno Steinegger
Hat designer and realization: Paola Villani
Advice: Chiara Guidi
Producer: Chiara Massari
Diffusion: Giulia Traversi
Administration: Chiara Fava
Local producer: Lea Kukovičič
Performance: Mila Bezjak, Brina Breznik, Zoja Breznik, Ela Zahariaš, Gaj Črnič, Tara Dževerdanović, Ema Melkić, Vlad Novak, Gregor Podjed, Zora Radulj, Tibor Urbančič, Lev Vidmar
Produced by: Corpoceleste_C.C.00#, Santarcangelo Festival, Snaporazverein
Co-produced by: Welcome to the village, Saal Biennaal
In collaboration with: Workspacebrussels

45 minutes

Performance is in Slovene.

Photo: Carolina Cappelli

With the help of: : Create to Connect -> Create to Impact, European Union: Creative Europe programme – Culture

About the show:


25. 08. 2020






ŠD Tabor