Slowind: FREEZES

At 7:30 p.m: pre-concert conversation

You can use the HEARING LOOP at the event. Please switch your hearing aid to T-coil.

reading-visual-concert event
9th Slowind Spring 2022 (in co-production with the Ljubljana New Music Forum)

Slowind ensemble
Michel Pozmanter – conductor

Larisa Vrhunc – sound
Boris Beja – space
Marko Čeh – directing advisor
Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio – media programmer
Martin Lovšin – technical coordinator
Primož Vozelj – sound technician

The starting point of the project is a look through today’s lens at the work of France and Mira Mihelič. France Mihelič with his works of art, most notably kurent carnival figures, which in a refined form depict the collective and personal experiences of the traumatic period of World War II, and Mira Mihelič with her literary works, in which she proves to be an excellent observer of social developments, especially the transformation of Ljubljana’s pre-war (petty) bourgeoisie society into a post-war socialist one – both of them imbued their work with glimpses of a time that is no more. And yet there are many parallels with today’s turbulent moment and not very optimistic outlook for the future. The reading-visual-concert event intertwines excerpts from Mira Mihelič’s autobiography Ure mojih dni (“The Hours of My Days”) with images of Boris Beja’s kurents in various media and the music by Larisa Vrhunc, which will be performed live by the Slowind ensemble.

Admission free.


18. 11. 2022


19:30 - 21:00


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