RESHAPE is a research and development project that brings together 19 arts organisations from the Europe and the South Mediterranean to jointly create innovative organisational models and reflect on concrete answers to crucial challenges related to the production, distribution and presentation of contemporary art practices.

The aim of RESHAPE is to imagine an alternative to the European arts ecosystem by rethinking its instruments and collaborative models, placing them in line with artistic and social innovation and the principles of fairness, solidarity, geographic balance and sustainability. RESHAPE will develop and test an experimental bottom-up method to construct new narratives and new instruments that are appropriate to the evolutions of the arts sector and the society. By increasing the knowledge, competences and reactivity of intermediary organisations in relation to today’s artistic experimentations, RESHAPE aims to influence public policies and integrate future policy instruments.

Within the project we have also openned up a directory – a practice-based database & a listing of artistic initiatives
experimenting with new models of working together or innovative ways of engaging audiences in different parts of Euromed.


  • ACT Association, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • AltArt Foundation, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Artemrede, Santarém, Portugal
  • Arts and Theatre Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
  • British Council, London, United Kingdom
  • Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Danish Arts Foundation, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • East European Performing Arts Platform, Lublin, Poland
  • Ettijahat, Beirut, Lebanon
  • EUNIC, Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Flanders Arts Institute, Brussels, Belgium
  • Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Helsinki, Finland
  • Goethe-Institut Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  • Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Onassis Foundation & Onassis AiR: (inter)national artistic research program, Athens, Greece
  • Onda — French office for contemporary performing arts circulation, Paris, France
  • Performing Arts Fund NL, Hague, Netherlands
  • POGON – Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Pro Helvetia, Zürich, Switzerland