The project is carried out within the framework of Beyond Front@: Bridging Periphery which is a Creative Europe project (2023-2026) created by Central Europe Dance Theatre – CEDT (Hungary), Bunker (Slovenia), Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance – HIPP (Croatia), Krakow Dance Theatre (Poland), M Studio (Romania) and Vitlycke – Centre for Performing Arts (Sweden) to foster local development of the contemporary dance fields.

Who is the Behind the curtain for?
Emerging cultural managers, dance professionals, dancers, choreographers, producers and promoters, and individuals operating in the field of performing arts.

We invite people from Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Sweden to apply.

BEHIND THE CURTAIN is a series of programs that has its main goal in the development of an international network and know-how of cultural managers and dance management experts. The program consists of 3 three main activities: 1. OFFLINE WORKSHOP in April 2024, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2. 10 ONLINE MASTERCLASSES in the period of APRIL 2024 – SEPTEMBER 2024 and 3. A JOBSHADOWING for 2 selected participants of the offline workshop.

1. THE OFFLINE WORKSHOP will take place at Bunker’s headquarters, in Ljubljana and it will allow the participants to get acquainted with the basics of cultural management theory and practice. The workshop establishes the joint knowledge base as well as those personal connections that will contribute to the creation of a sustainable network among participants and experts.

2. ONLINE MASTERCLASSES 10 online masterclasses will take place during the period of APRIL 2024 – SEPTEMBER 2024. The online masterclasses will allow the participants to acquire complex professional and practical knowledge connected to cultural management, production of dance performances, communication, funding opportunities, touring, international relations and management strategies.

3. 2 PARTICIPANTS of the OFFLINE WORKSHOP will be selected for a JOB SHADOWING, to participate and to get involved in an international festival Drugajanje, hosted by Bunker, which takes place in several cities in Slovenia, and KDT (Krakow Dance Theatre), Poland. The 2 participants will have the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical framework and know-how acquired during the professional workshops and provide expertise in the implementation and organization of the event.

Time and place

1. Offline workshop:
14th April 2024 – arrival in Ljubljana, Slovenia
15th -19th April 2024 – offline workshop
20th April 2024 – departure

Place: Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. Online masterclasses:
April 2024 – September 2024

3. Job shadowing:
September 2024; Krakow Dance Theatre, Poland
November 2024; Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia

What do we provide?

Bunker provides:
accommodation for 6 nights
catering during the stay
travel costs to and from Ljubljana are covered in the amount of 150 EUR / person
After the offline workshop in Ljubljana, a stipendium for the job-shadowing will be offered to 2 selected participants in the amount of €2000 each.

Mentors of the offline workshop

Leading mentor: Maja Vižin (executive producer of the international festival Mladi Levi and Beton Ltd. Theatre Company)

Lecturers: Mojca Jug (curator of the international festival Mladi Levi and long-time program director of Old Power Station), Tamara Bračič Vidmar (expert on communication and international collaborations, co-founder of Balkan Express network), Alma Redžić Selimović (expert on fundraising, leading European collaboration projects and cultural education), Barbara Rovere (expert on EU funding and writing grants), Inga Remeta (program manager at Glej Theatre), Alja Lobnik (director of Maska), and others.

How to apply?

You can apply by sending an email to containing the following information:

● CV containing information about educational background and professional experience;

● Short motivation letter about why do you want to take part in the program, how Behind the Curtain improve your career and what is your level of engagement (note that only applicants who can take part in the offline workshop and all the online masterclasses will be considered for selection)

Deadline of application: 15th February.

We will announce the results of the open call by 23rd February.

If you have any further questions, please write to