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Call for action: A QUARTER OF A CENTURY

Call for action!
exhibition as part of the 25th International Festival MLADI LEVI 2022

The Mladi Levi Festival has a traditionally small programme booklet, which for the past 25 years has always been prepared in the spirit of responding to ecologically frugal commitments. Many times, we have given up festival T-shirts or souvenirs in favour of reshaping used things into festival items. Hence, we are using the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of the festival to prepare a project that in the contemporary EU jargon could be called a “circular economy project”.
The key artistic companions and co-creators of the festival, photographer Nada Žgank and visual artist, ruinophile, designer and collector Tanja Radež, will collect various objects and transform them into relics of the festival, which will commemorate the history and future of the Mladi Levi Festival. They will recycle both images and photos, memories, tastes and melodies.
We invite everyone who would like to participate to donate a wide range of items!
For additional information, please contact us at

– Interesting, clean, undamaged packaging:
• bottles and jars made of thick plastic or glass,
• interesting boxes, from cosmetics, shoes, anything,
• canvas bags, including printed;
– Household accessories:
• unimportant paintings, tapestries, old frames, caskets, mirrors,
• undamaged small pieces of unused furniture (chair, table, shelf, lights …),
• vases, interesting ceramics, decorative plates,
• tablecloths, napkins, fine kitchen towels, aprons, curtains, rugs;
– Little worn clothes:
• T-shirts, including printed,
• jeans, pants, jackets,
• shirts, blouses,
• failed purchases;
– Items with potential:
• of your choosing.

The exhibition A Quarter of a Century will take place in the Old Power Station’s Muzejska ulica (Museum Street). The items – both functional and purely decorative – will be available for adoption, purchase, exchange or solicitation. Remember: economy is a timid and capricious bird; we leave it to the current shape of the artists and your negotiation skills.

We are collecting items from June 28 until the beginning of the Mladi Levi Festival, which will take place from August 19 to 27, 2022! To arrange for the collection of the items, please contact us at

THANK YOU for your cooperation! ?

Concept and set up: Tanja Radež
Photos: Nada Žgank

Organizing committee: Tanja Radež, Nada Žgank, Anja Vrhovšek, Tamara Bračič Vidmar