When Men Cry the World Shuts Down, Symposium

When Men Cry the World Shuts Down is a gathering that flirts with the format of performance. As we host symposium as artists, the contemporary concept of the symposium as a scientific exchange of knowledge will be subverted into something seemingly disordered (messy and chaotic) with an ancient Greek echo and an artistic twist. During the discussion, an army of women will serve drinks and provide the comfort for the audience, so that the invited guests and audience members can think, drink, talk and (hopefully) cry.

For the symposium When Men Cry the World Shuts Down, the organizers have invited male speakers to ‘help women help men get rid of patriarchy’ – a system that simultaneously benefits and oppresses men. The invited speakers will begin collecting experiences about the patriarchal system built around gender, age and power. With the knowledge gained, we will be able to start mapping the problems that patriarchy presents for men. Keynote speaker Federico Campagna will open the symposium with a lecture on the mythological aspect of patriarchy. Later in the symposium, invited speakers will talk with the moderator of the symposium, curator Eva Neklyaeva, about specific situations they have experienced in which they have felt patriarchal privileges and/or oppression.

The production of knowledge does not only take place in closed, soundproof and sterile environments. Sometimes we have to cry and laugh and lie and speak the truth in order to learn. Sometimes we have to see through tears to see more clearly.

RED CARPET: Ticket collection and welcome drinks

OPENING SPEECH: Welcome by Alma R. Selimović, director of Bunker
INTRODUCTION by Eva Neklyaeva, the moderator of the symposium, and Sodja Lotker, the dramaturg of the symposium

LECTURE (online): Federico Campagna, philosopher

DISCUSSION with Julian Hetzel, Primož Bezjak, Juan Carlos Martel Bayod, moderated by Eva Neklyaeva

CONCLUSIONS by Ana Pavlič, director, Institute for Gender Equality

Guests speakers

Julian Hetzel

Julian Hetzel (1981) was born in the Black Forest, Germany and is currently based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He works as a performance maker, visual artist and musician. He creates performances for theatres and galleries with a political dimension and documentary approach.

Primož Bezjak

Primož Bezjak (1977) was born in Maribor, Slovenia and is currently based in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He works as a professional actor in institutional theatre and collaborates with various aesthetics and theatre directors. At the same time, he works as an artist (performance maker and choreographer) on independent projects.

Juan Carlos Martel Bayod

Juan Carlos Martel Bayod (1976) was born and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. He works as a theatre director and is currently the director of the Fundació Teatre Lliure – Teatre Públic de Barcelona, a theatre that produces works by local artists and presents major international works.

Federico Campagna

Federico Campagna is an Italian philosopher living in London, UK. He is the author of Prophetic Culture (Bloomsbury, 2021), Technic and Magic (Bloomsbury, 2018) and The Last Night (Zero, 2013). He is Frances Yates Fellow at the Warburg Institute, London, and Critical Fellow at the Royal Academy Schools, London.

Eva Neklyaeva

Eva Neklyaeva is a curator currently based in Milan, Italy. She is concerned with issues of freedom and focuses her practice on exploring these issues in the fields of art and sexuality. She co-curates different programmes for theatres and festivals, writes, and teaches curating in performing arts at IUAV University in Venice.

Ana Pavlič

Ana Pavlič works as a program director researcher and columnist at the Institute for the Study of Gender Equality – IPES, within which she is currently working on gender equality in rural areas. In her work, she draws attention to the normalization of sexism and violence against women in our society and highlights the social conditioning of normality and naturalness.


  • Concept by: Lea Kukovičič & Sodja Lotker
  • Keynote speaker: Federico Campagna
  • Moderator: Eva Neklyaeva
  • Guest speakers: Julian Hetzel, Primož Bezjak, Juan Carlos Martel Bayod
  • Conclusions by: Ana Pavlič
  • Voice: Blaž Andrejka, Žiga Jan Krese, Luka Grižonič, Tadej Premužič
  • Directed by: Lea Kukovičič
  • Dramaturgy by: Sodja Lotker
  • Set design, light design & visuals by: Toni Soprano Meneglejte
  • Sound design by: Jure Vlahovič
  • Technical director: Andrej Petrovčič
  • Tehnicans: Igor Remeta, Duško Pušica, Manca Vukelič, Vid Starman
  • Producers: Alma R. Selimović, Ajda Koloini, Špela Kopitar
  • Public relations: Tamara Bračič Vidmar, Klara Drnovšek Solina
  • Hospitality by: Ajda Koloini
  • Assistant set designer: Monika Pocrnjić
  • Together with: Tanja Radež, Mojca Jug, Ema Levec, Klara Hawlina, Marina Vitković, Neža Dvorščak, Sofiia Rypalenko


  • Produced by: Bunker, Ljubljana
  • Co-produced by: Prešernovo gledališče Kranj
  • In partnership with: Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, 53. Teden slovenske drame
  • Supported by: Ministrstvo za kulturo Republike Slovenije, Mestna občina Ljubljana, Mestna občina Kranj
  • Sponsored by: Tektonik kraft pivovarna, Pizzerija Foculus

Symposium is part of the trilogy WHEN MEN CRY.

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3. 3. 2023, symposium When Men Cry the World Shuts Down, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana