The Last Hamlet, foreplay

A living sculpture

A theatre foyer is a meeting place of great expectation.
It’s Latin for a hearth.
You wait.
No excess.
Nobody leaves behind skulls and bones.
In one part of this meeting place is an actor,
A man,
In silence,
Not connected to people,
Just sitting there.
He’s holding something in his hands.
Coordinates: upstairs, bar.
You enter.
Look around.
He’s crying, and you don’t know if he wants you there …
You don’t know if you want to be there.

You exit. Insight: “1990. Diego Maradona.”
First man I saw cry.
Tell us why, don’t tell us when, don’t tell us how.

The Last Hamlet: Foreplay is the second part of the When Men Cry trilogy. The work is created in a co-production of Bunker Institute and Prešeren Theatre Kranj. The first part of the trilogy was the symposium When Men Cry the World Shuts Down at Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana. The final part of the trilogy, called The Last Hamlet, will première on the stage of the Prešeren Theatre Kranj on 8 June 2023.




5. 4. 2023, Foyer of Prešernovo gledališče Kranj