Artists in residence

Belgian artist Jozef Houben in collaboration with Emily Wilson and Alois Ellmauer created and realized project Holz in August 2011 at Mladi levi Festival in Ljubljana at Project Space of Aksioma Gallery.

A creative research project that walks line between installation and dramatic space. It’s central theme is the commercial, cultural and poetic relationship we have with those other vertical beings that live on earth: trees, with inanimate, yet animate beings.

Installation Holz presents poetic, visual and sound landscape where architectural elements interlace with old furniture from flea market, used musical instruments with small kitchen instruments from neighbours’ kitchen and with experimental voices of Slovenian artist and performer Irena Tomažin.

Project Holz is engaged in researching the possible shapes and scenog­raphies of used wooden objects and enables thinking about relations of human being towards ecological and social theme in our society.

Nika Arhar, journalist
‘’Project Holz to me told quite some stories. It’s not just about the material itself (wood) but goes far beyond – about our use of things, our way of living, using the natural resources and other objects, consumption and primary human intention to subordinate all the things that exists. /…/ In this not in­vasive way it was more attractive for different approaches (physical, mental, emotional associations)… ’’

Urška Boljkovac, photographer
‘’A thought about wood as a material is represented in the installation with extraordinary subtleness in the dramatic placement of many stories. The space was like a good book full of expectations of new experiences. Time stopped in the space which worked meditatively with a glimpse into history.’’

Bunker is a member of network Imagine 2020 – Arts and Climate change. In January 2011 we’ve made a public call for artistic projects which tackles the issue of environmental challenges and sustainable development. In March 2011 we’ve chosen project Holz.


  • Artists: Jozef Houben, Emily Wilson, Alois Ellmauer
  • Voice: Irena Tomažin
  • Producer: Suzana Kajba
  • Assistant: Jasmina Slapnik
  • Production: Bunker, Ljubljana