Still Ready to Change? forum picks up where the Ready to Change? organized by Bunker and Sostenuto partners in 2010 left off – with the potential for change.

It seems like the multitude is still searching for a different reality than the one we’re living now, even if without a clear idea of how this different reality should look or how we can achieve it. The natural resources we are using are diminishing by the minute but we nevertheless continue with the same unsustainable practices that we are comfortable with. A lot of distress has been conveyed in various different countries and a lot of energy dedicated to the search of more just and efficient systems in which we operate daily but there has been little measurable progress. People feel as detached as they’ve ever been from the political arena and common decision making, trust in the political elites is at an all-time low but we nevertheless have numerous fresh approaches to organizing different societal areas and inspiring examples of positive impact of social action.

We will be addressing the potential for real change in these different environments, whether it be the change of the political system, change of the economic production model, organization and support for the cultural sector or change of the unsustainable environmental situation. We’ve seen many good examples of individual action and sporadic personal engagement, however, the social and political developments of the past years have strengthened us in the conviction that the approach to change should be structural and systemic and the program will strongly reflect this position. We will present arguments and cases that clearly demonstrate why we cannot go on living and working as we did so far and why habits and patterns need to be changed if we are to seriously address sustainability in the different areas of life that we are coshaping.

The forum will consist of lectures, debates and the evening artistic programme.