YUFU; 21st century šuškavke tracksuits

in cooperation with UL Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering – Department of Textile and Fashion Design

► January 24–27, every day from 6 pm to 11 pm

Mentors: doc. Petja Zorec, tech. assist. Sara Valenci, assist. Alenka More, assist. Nataša Hrupič
Participating students: Matic Beršnak, Ana Berwanger, Tamara Bizjan, Nina Bolhar, Katja Bradač, Zarja Černe, Oja Flis, Tilen Gorenjak, Valentina Grebeniuk, Kelly Guček, Jovana Gunjova, Zala Jenček, Monika Končar, Eva Križaj, Lara Krnc, Katarina Tomšič, Eva Zupančič

Photo: Asiana Jurca Avci

The project YUFU; 21st century šuškavke tracksuits was initiated by the Maska Institute and is based on the multiculturalism of the former Yugoslavia and the reflection on the re-establishment of connections in the area of the former common state, with an orientation towards the future. YUFU stands for Yugofuturism, following the example of other ethno-futurist movements.

The basic concept of the project was to examine and analyse šuškavke – the old iconic rustling nylon tracksuits, which the students used as the main material for creating of a contemporary sustainable collection. For inspiration, each student also chose a national costume from one of the countries of the former Yugoslavia and a Yugoslav icon (design object, person, work of art, etc.). The project resulted in 16 original silhouettes, which are a collage of the chosen concepts and the basic material – šuškavke tracksuits, made using various hand and machine textile techniques.


24. - 27. 01. 2024


18:00 - 23:00




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