Via Negativa: Physis – film shooting

From 23 – 25 February  Via Negativa is shooting the film Physis in the Old Power Station.
We will present it as soon as it is finished.
When the theatres open, we will also present the premiere of the performance Physis – live in the Old Power Station!

In the time of social isolation we are working on a great comeback. In the newest project Physis there is going to be more of us than ever before. In the “new reality” we continue with a self-defense of a madness. We now have even more reasons than ever. Our bodies have become a biological bombs, the state has turned into the terrorist of reason, civilisation becomes a catacomb of healthy, responsible and normal people.

There is no space for madness, illness and death in the contemporary system of values. There is no space for the visionary rebellious spirit or melancholic trembling of a weakened heart. Democracy needs people who are weak enough to stay dependent and strong enough to stay alive. There is no democracy for illness, there is no democracy for outstanding thought – and there is no democracy for nature.
After the death of God and the death of man, nature too, had to give up the ghost, says Bruno Latour. But nature, though used to dying, still has the power to suppress our resistance. However, the human mind will always gather enough strength to restart the wheel of eternal recurrence.

Participants: Anita Wach, Bojan Jablanovec, Eduardo Raon, Grega Zorc, Kristina Aleksova, Sara Horžen, Olja Grubić, Loup Abramovici, Ena Kurtalić, Rok Kravanja, Tjaša Črnigoj, Timotej Novaković, Neža Blažič, Jernej Škof, Rea Vogrinčič, Nina Goropečnik, Daniele Tenze, Aleksandra Kmetič, Mitja Lovše, Vesna Hauschild, Igor Remeta.



23. - 25. 02. 2021


All Day

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