Nataša Lušetić & Damir Klemenić: EGOMANIA

The Globalisation of Ego
The performance “Egomania” by Nataša Lušetić and Damir Klemenić, is actually a lecture about the global world in which we live; about a world of furious economies, fast cars, the desire for success and a hungry African continent on the other side. The dramaturgical arc is a graph displaying successful business operations, where th etwo main performers are representatives of corporations, who can even elevate the most suppressed ego or oppress those with a strong self-confidence using only their dynamic performance.
With the help of film, the internet and theatre, “Egomania” tames all analities of developed capitalism, where dreams about immortality are replaced by dreams of profit amalgamation. The political incorrectness of this performance, permeated with black humour and which is suspiciously similar to reality itself is only a slither of truth, which is so painful that it manoeuvres thoughts. Where a long time ago Adorno stated: “The splinter in your eye is the best magnifying-glass.”

Concept and direction: Nataša Lušetić
Text: Damir Klemenić, Nataša Lušetić
Performers: Damir Klemenić, Nataša Lušetić
Sound and video: Ivan Marušić Klif
Visual design: Lina Kovačević
Production: Teatar Exit

70 minutes


24. 08. 2006


Stara mestna elektrarna