Maribor CityLAB – en

From this year onwards, the Drugajanje Festival will also form part of the network entitled Festivals in TransitionGlobal City – Local City project, which brings together seven European festivals: Spielart (Munich), August Dance (Talin), Baltic Circle (Helsinki), LIFT (London), Festival a/d Werf (Utrecht), Homo Novus (Riga), Drugajanje (Maribor) and Alkantara (Lisbon).

By way of artistic exploration, the network will strive to tackle social, ecological and political issues related to the cooperating cities, as well as global tendencies in the transformation process of urban city centres. The exploratory phase, in the form of weekly CityLABs, i.e. city laboratories, will be followed by artistic residencies, where artists will create their own works to be presented at the festivals. The collaborating Slovenian artists are members of son.DA and the Via Negativa collectives.

This year’s Drugajanje will take place hand in hand with CityLAB, which is to host artists from all the partner festivals from the 25th of November to the 1st of December, with the purpose of jointly exploring Maribor, and especially focusing on the relationship between the city and its youth.

More information about the Global City – Local City project and other CityLABs can be found at


25. - 27. 11. 2012