Klovnbuf: Danijela Zajc & Festival Klovnbuf: Attempt at a Room (working title)

My friend, look! Like letters in your hand, like
sleep, that dream, I watch you through the opening.

In the first dream – sleeping eyelids, centuries
after – I watch through premonitions, oracles

of the light-world. On these borders – time’s
extremities – I am a light-world’s eye.

And after? A dream
exists: in tones and shades.
There was – climbing.
There was – bowing

forehead to forehead.
Ahead – your forehead,
brow – a flagrant halfrhyme
in my mouth.

Marina Tsvetaeva: Attempt at a Room (Translation: Tony Brinkley)

Idea: Natalia Sultanova, Ravil Sultanov
Director: Ravil Sultanov
Choreography, performance: Danijela Zajc, Branko Potočan
Music: Davor Hrecog
Costume design: Katarina Zalar
Scene design: Nevena Aleksovski
Dramaturgy: Andreja Kopač
Production: Matafir and Festival Klovnbuf 2022 (Zavod Bufeto)
Executive producers: Natalia Sultanova and Danijela Zajc
This project was supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture and Ministry of Culture RS

The performance is part of 15th International Festival of Contemporary Clown and New Circus Klovnbuf.
More about the Festival: https://sl.klovnbuf.si/


20. 06. 2022




10€ / 7€


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