How we take care of trees in cities?

For city dwellers, landscaping and management of city trees are very important, as they ensure the quality of living and health that no built element in the city can replace. The legal organizational framework for the integrated management of urban trees, ie trees that create a quality of living on streets, parks, garden surfaces of settlements, is currently weak. The need for a comprehensive and professional work with urban trees is increasing over time, climate change and public health problems require more trees and a better management of existing trees. The experts have been addressing such demands to decision-makers for a long time, so far without success. Residents and NGOs often point out the problems with the help of the media and various initiatives.
Lets draw attention to this issue together! In cooperation with PIC and IPoP, we are organizing a roundtable where we will discuss about how we care and tend to trees in cities.

We plan to transmit the even live, it will be possible to watch it online. Because of epidemiological and technical reasons, registration is mandatory – you can register by clicking this LINK!
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We invite everyone who is passionate about tree management and care in urban areas, to send us short and inspiring »tree stories«, that would benefit the cause of practically improving the conditions.

Such stories, that will help us motivate decision-makers to implement changes in the tree management system, will be meaningfully presented at the round table »How we take care of trees in cities«.

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02. 11. 2020