This Building Talks Truly is a performative installation of the history of Skopje in the scale of 1:100, which received First Prize at the 2019 Prague Quadrennial. The work of Filip Jovanovski, a visual artist and activist who transforms political and social categories into artistic spatial pictures and advocates the preservation of the importance of the public and of public space, combines different forms of scenography: space, stage, exposition, memory, community and communication. Erasing, hiding or ignoring traces of collectivity, solidarity and responsibility from the collective memory of local history is nothing more than a step towards fostering a neoliberal worldview that privatizes and hierarchizes all relations in social life. The interactive sculpture in three parts creates several worlds, through which audience travels together with the Brechtian inspired narrator Kristina Lelovac, who talks about the strategies of the city’s aging in a way that removes every hint of modern mentality. Indeed, the installation is based on the history of Skopje, which has undergone a profound transformation in the past decades, but the modern spatial mentality can be erased from any city. This Building Talks Truly could also be a performative installation about the history of any other city.

Author: Filip Jovanovski
Curator: Ivana Vaseva
Actress: Kristina Lelovac
Producer: Emilija Chochkova
Technical support: Ivanco Velkov
Collaborators on the production of the performance installation: Kristina Lelovac, Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, Dragana Zarevska, Vlado Karaev, Andjela Petrovska, Violeta Kachakova, Slobodan Unkovski, Boris Bakal, Simona Dimkovska, Marija Gelmanovska, Jana Kastratovikj, Tome Dimitrievski, Ana Vilenica,, Jasmina Gjorgieva, Behar Dalipi, Ana Vasileva, Aleksandar Jovanovski, Ilija Tiricovski, Gorjan Atanasov, Marko Naumovski, Sashko Poter Micevski, Aleksandar Kotevski, Stojanche Cavirovski, Vlado Dimoski, Toni Trajkovski (Constructions design dooel, Skopje), Ivanco Velkov, Membraning studio Skopje
Produced by: Muzej na grad Skopje, Faculty for things that can’t be learned (FR~U)
Supported by: Evropska unija – Program Ustvarjalna Evropa, Kultura, ACT – Art, Climate, Transition

40 minutes

Performance is in English, there will be Slovenian summary available.

Photo by: Nemanja Knjezevic

Information and ticket reservations:, 00386 51 269 906.


28. 08. 2021






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