This year, for the second time in a row, we are organising a discusion café under the Tabor chestnut trees. We are setting up a debate over coffee – strong brewed and in abundant quantities – among recreational athletes, a children’s playground, shelter seekers and readers.
This year’s topic is maintenance, or care, in connection with art and culture. In an age when only innovation, improvement and progress matter, we will reflect on the potential of what is already good, what already exists, but is neglected, dilapidated, ignored… How quickly do we discard functioning systems and arrangements looking for something better and new? Wouldn’t it be easier to build on the existing, or do we have to constantly reinvent things? In short – both economy and art (and the world as a whole) are focused on innovation and disruptions that disturb the established order and give rise to a new one … But today’s world is spinning so fast that the challenge is elsewhere: it is not about how to innovate and create disruptions, but rather how to keep the world under control at all, how to keep things from falling apart. How to create systems that are sustainable (at the micro and macro levels, i.e. from the supply to the system and ideas).
Knowledge of how to maintain and care for things could protect us from constant crises, fractures and breakdowns – could strategies that focus more on caring for the existing than on inventing the new empower us to become immune to the doctrines of shock, or is it about the danger of fear of change and either the eternal status quo or slow decay?

Moderated by: Alenka Pirman
Speakers – Day 1: Mateja Ratej, Đelo Hadžiselimović
Speakers – Day 2: Natalija Majsova, Muanis Sinanović
Concept and production: Alma R. Selimović
Supported by: Evropska unija – Program Ustvarjalna Evropa, Kultura, ACT – Art, Climate, Transition

Information: info@bunker.si, 00386 51 269 906.


24. 08. 2021


17:00 - 18:30




ŠD Tabor