Alicia Ocadiz & Tery Žeželj: Multispieces Landscapes: A Dinner of Liquid Tales – SOLD OUT

/…/ Would you like to taste a story about me? /…/ Some say that I looked different a while ago. If you want, I can whisper to you all the different versions about my past /…/ Maybe my story is a story about you. I remember you there, or some similar beings./…/ On the shortest day of the year, and just before the moment from when the days start getting longer again, we will gather and celebrate the darkness by fabulating the encounters with the unknown. /…/ Come hungry and let’s digest together! /…/

A Dinner of Liquid Tales is the last of four chapters of an artistic research project MULTISPIECES LANDSCAPE  created by the artist Tery Žeželj. Every chapter takes place on the day of the change of season, the last chapter takes place on 21st December, the first day of winter.

Idea and realisation: Alicia Ocadiz & Tery Žeželj
Sound design: Blaž Pavlica
Producer: Maja Vižin
Produced by: Bunker, Ljubljana
Thanks to: Purva Gupta, Madison Jolliffe, Kseniia Komoza, Dušan Ugrina, Silvia Viviani, Vid V. Vodušek, Emmy de Wit
Supported by: Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia, ACT – Art, Climate, Transition,European Union – Creative Europe Programme: Culture


21. 12. 2022


19:00 - 20:30




Stara mestna elektrarna