Announcing the programme!We are happy to announce the full programme for this year’s TRIGGER showcase platform of Slovenian independent performing arts. We can’t wait to see you, so take the last chance to apply no later than March 6, 2022!TRIGGER is a platform for internationalization of contemporary independent performing arts. We are developing TRIGGER in co-production with Centre for Creativity and in partnership with Bunker, Glej Theatre, City of Women, Moment, Pekinpah, Mladinsko Theatre and Maska (Nova pošta programme). Each year the showcase features productions from several other Slovenian producers. This year we will show works produced by Delak, Emanat and Sploh.The fourth edition of TRIGGER platform is opening the question of the future of international collaboration and artistic distribution under new circumstances, brought about by health, ecological and social crises. Besides the showcase we will also offer an extensive discourse programme, focusing on decolonization of aesthetics.LAST CHANCE: APPLY NOW!We are closing applications for TRIGGER 2022 on March 6. We are offering free admission to all events. And tones of art that will TRIGGER your mind.If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach us on TRIGGER teamPROGRAMMEDiscursive programme is in English with an option of…

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Happy 2022!

The transition to a new year is an agreed turning point - people have agreed to count the time in this way, and now we respect the transition. People from the theater world are counting years by seasons, and the Mladi Levi festival that happened in August seems to has happened already a year ago, because now we are in the preparation for the new one! Some transitions are not agreed, they surprise us, they come at the wrong time, they overtake us - but we still have to respect them. We wish you to find your way in all the new circumstances. May the New Year, even if it is only a symbolic transition, be a beginning of new and better times for all. Happy 2022! The Bunker team

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SHOWS in Stara mestna elektrarna:Wednesday, November 10th, at 7 pmAndreja Rauch Podrzavnik: SPECIAL EDITION​Wednesday, november 10th, at 9 pmLuka Piletič, Sara Šoukal: US TWO BETWEEN US: IMPROVISER’S CUT​Thursday, November 11th, at 7 pmVOICESThursday, November 11th, at 9 pmBilly Kissa, Elvira Lingris: CHOOSE YOUR SHOESFriday, November 12th, at 7 pmZa crknt: BACKSTAGE PIECESFriday, November, at 9 pmKasia Chmara, Órla Mc Govern: TUNESunday, November 14th, at 5 pmIMPROVOCATION S2E4​

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TRIGGER 2021: We are announcing a programme, full of exciting performances that will TRIGGER your mind!Despite the uncertainty, surrounding the present and future of performing arts, we feel it is now more important than ever to continue searching for ways to find each other and collectively think about the future of internationalization of art that we love and believe in.We are excited to announce our TRIGGER 2021 programme. Annual Slovenian independent scene showcase platform TRIGGER will happen in Maribor and Ljubljana from May 29 to June 2, 2021. This edition of TRIGGER focuses on the future of internationalization in the midst of health, social and ecological crises. In times of searching for new forms of what it means to be together, we will offer several dozens of international programmers from throughout Europe a chance to get to know daring performances, inspiring performers, challenging workshops and intriguing conversations with artists and producers from Slovenia, for whom TRIGGER represents a starting point for international touring. We are excited to finally meet each other face to face.Let’s get TRIGGERed by something good for a change!Saturday, May 29, 2021MariborDECENTRALIZING ART: TRIGGER conference in cooperation with Centre for Creativity and Crossings Festival 2021conference is also…

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Snježana Premuš: Physical Manifestations returns

Development project by Snježana Premuš Physical Manifestations returns to the Old Power Plant with the development of the next segment of the project entitled Time in View: Seeds, Etudes 2.This time in the process we monitor the complexity of the interaction - the relationship to one's own body, to space, to another, to a new body and to the community. Also at this stage, the author is interested in the perceptions of the viewer and the performer.The viewer remains an active witness to the process of evolution that begins deep in the body, beyond assumed body codes and forms.March 22nd – 27thConcept and direction: Snježana PremušDancers and co-creators: Anja Bornšek, Ivan Mijačević, Snježana Premuš, Tina ValentanMusic: Boštjan PerovšekLight: Špela ŠkuljCostume design: Barbara KapeljVideo: Masha NonkovicPhoto: MarcandreaProduction: Zavod Federacija LjubljanaThe project was created within Creative Crossroads (LLB - Creative Europe) in cooperation with NDA SloveniaCo-production: Bunker LjubljanaThe project was supported by: the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the City of Ljubljana

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PARL invites performance art makers and groups to join a 10 days research and development program in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 22 - 31 August 2021.The program is open for performance art, devised theater, contemporary dance, intermedia projects and hybrid forms. PARL provides every participant a studio space and presentation venue.PARL joins various creative practices, working methods and production models of leading Ljubljana based performance artists and producers. The course of work is focused on development of creative processes and research of performative strategies with daily feedback and training, three-day seminar, and workshops.If you are a performance art maker and you need space and time to research, an environment to develop your project, an opportunity to present your work and to open up your collaborative network – welcome to PARL.Application deadline: 15 April 2021. Participation fee: 350€.Apply at link: PARL on Facebook and Instagram.Teasers:



Since it looks like there is still a long way to go before the opening of the theater halls, we decided to start with (more) regular live streaming of events from the Old Town Power Plant / Stara mestna elektrarna.The program of events that you will be able to watch live will be published on this site. For more information, we invite you to sign up for our news HERE.Switch to POWER STREAM / E+TOK!Wednesday, April 21st from 8 pm. - Thursday, April 22nd to 12 pm.:Via Negativa: PHYSISYou can register for premiere access on this siteThursday, April 22nd, at 8 pm.:Image SnatchersLink to the LIVE STREAMTuesday, April 20th, at 8 pm.:Maja Delak: Just for TodayLink to the LIVE STREAMFriday, April 9th from 8 pm. - Sunday, April 11th to 12 pm.:Via Negativa: PHYSISYou can register for premiere access on this siteTuesday, March 30th - Thursday, April 1st:SOUND DISOBEDIENCE 2021, festivalLink to the LIVE STREAMTuesday, March 9th, at 8 pm:Danijela Zajc: ThreadsLink to the Facebook event

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Calendar of Hopes 2021

For the year 2021 the partners of Create to Connect -> Create to Impact invited Adela Giurgiu, a Romanian illustrator, to prepare the "Calendar of Hopes 2021" with our hopes for the forthcoming months…You can download the calendar in .pdf format, print it out and hang it on your wall. We wish you a happy, healthy and free 2021! CALENDAR OF HOPES.pdf 

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Jan Rozman: MEMEMEME

Who is ‘me’ in ‘meme’ in ‘MEMEMEME’?MEMEMEME is the space of a community’s flow of association, a clash of an infinite number of memes* and their reverberations. Through the performers’ bodies, their mobile phones and digital video and sound references and associations, the performance layers gestures, movements, images and expressions. Its performative score plays with and around the mechanics and aesthetics of internet memes. As a living mimetic organism, the stage actions are multiplied and repeated, diversified and mutated to open up the potential semantic splits and gaps that reflect the fragmented and alienated nature of modern communication and the internet society.*A meme is any idea that is, despite its potential randomness or nonsense, repeated and multiplied through variation and selection. The term meme (from Ancient Greek mimeme, ‘imitated thing’) was coined by biologist Richard Dawkins as a cultural equivalent of a gene to designate language, stories, knowledges, habits, styles and behaviour that is transmitted through imitation. As a consequence of the near universal use of the internet in the digital age, the most widespread, flexible, resilient, and circulated are precisely (viral) internet memes.CollaboratorsConcept, Direction & Choreography: Jan RozmanPerformers: Peter Frankl, Kaja Janjić, Julija Pečnikar, Daniel PetkovićDramaturgy: Varja HrvatinSounds and…

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Nature is the pressing issue of the time in which we live, and when we unravel the topic of nature, we are not only talking about philosophical questions, but also about the concrete question of survival, power and protection – are we protecting nature or is nature protecting us? The electroacoustic opera Iden is based on the occurrence of a temporary geographical phenomenon in Lithuania: the Curonian Spit, which is more than a temporary geographical phenomenon – it reveals the timeless conflicts of interest inscribed in the curation of national parks. The Slovene creative team consisting of director and performer Saška Rakef, poetesse Tina Kozin and composer Bojana Šaljić Podešva realizes that it is not only important which stories we are telling, but also how we tell them and what role do we play in them. In the immersive experience of an acoustic performance with four vocalists, in the Tivoli Greenhouse, the audience watches the sunrise and wakes up with a musical interpretation of the fundamental problems of nature. The magic of the first sunlight evokes the premonition that the search for new forms of storytelling is not only an artistic action but also a life’s mission.Script: Tina Kozin, Saška…