Stara mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana, January 24–27, 2024The YUFU series will interrogate themes such as degrowth as a logic of sustainability, eco feminism, the politics of care, interspecies justice, empathy, solidarity, etc.SCHEDULE OF EVENTSWEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24► 19.00‒23.00Visit Kompot's YUFU website and enter YUFU concepts► 19.00‒20.00OPENING OF YUFU CYCLE: Pia Brezavšček, Research Experimental Group YUFU (Alma Gačanin, Rok Kranjc, Alja Lobnik, Diana Meheik, Vera Mevorah), Kompot programmers► 20.00‒21.00Alma Gačanin: HOW WELL DID YOU PERFORM TODAY? • premiere► 21.00Opening partyTHURSDAY, JANUARY 25► 18.00‒23.00Visit Kompot's YUFU website and enter YUFU concepts► 18.00‒20.00Short film evening in cooperation with Radio Student • screenings► 20.00‒21.00Alma Gačanin: HOW WELL DID YOU PERFORM TODAY? • repriseFRIDAY, JANUARY 26► 18.00‒23.00Visit Kompot's YUFU website and enter YUFU concepts► 20.00‒21.00Alma Gačanin: HOW WELL DID YOU PERFORM TODAY? • repriseSATURDAY, JANUARY 27► 18.00 do 23.00Visit Kompot's YUFU website and enter YUFU concepts► 20.00‒21.00N/OBE: HYBRID DJ SET • sound performance► 21.00Closing partyMore information about the YUFU Cycle at www.maska.siTickets:*Art Events: 10 eur, 7 eur (students, seniors)*Discursive Events: Free entry.Ticket reservation: info@bunker.siCurators: Pia Brezavšček, Alja Lobnik, Aleš MendiževecSpace Design: Toni Soprano MeneglejteGraphic design: Niko LapkovskiPublic Relations: Urška Comino & Asiana Jurca AvciProducer: Polona DolžanTechnical management: Igor RemetaProduction: Maska LjubljanaPartners: Bunker, Produkcijski prostor Krater…

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beginners critical writing workshop on contemporary performing arts at the Mladi Levi festivalJoining hands with Radio Študent and the Ana Monro Theatre, the 25th edition of the Mladi Levi festival held a workshop for young people on critical reflective practice and writing reviews for contemporary performing practices. The cooperation will take place again this year. Immediately following the performances, writers and their editorial team of peers will be writing short reflective pieces, which we will post online on the platform APLAVZ, under the Mladi kritiki column. Ten selected pieces will be presented live on Radio Študent.Mentors: Samo Oleami, Nika Gradišek, Zala Julija Kavčič, Metod



PARL – WORKS IN PROGRESS presentation of works in progressPARL – Performance Art Research Ljubljana is an international platform for the development of contemporary performing arts. It is set up for individuals and groups that strive to develop their creative practice and devise projects in a dialogue with various mentors. The platform supports interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge, experiences and methodological approaches in the context of researching and reflecting on contemporary performing arts, encouraging the development of specific poetic expressions for individual artists. PARL will take place in Ljubljana between 17 and 26 August. The participants will showcase their works in progress. This year PARL participants are Asap.Collective from Denmark, Becca Carter and Claire Leith from Great Britain, and Gregor Krpič, Jaka Škapin, Rok Kravanja and Sara Janašković from Slovenia.3 pm Asap.Collective 4 pm Becca Carter in Claire Leith5 pm Rok Kravanja 6 pm Jaka Škapin 7 pm Sara Janašković 8 pm Gregor Krpič Schedule of presentations and more about PARL at: by: Matjaž Rušt

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Come and join us for the opening of the 26th international Mladi Levi Festival, on 18 August 2023 from 6:00 pm onwards in the Športno društvo Tabor halls and its playground. We’re opening the festival with the first insights of the festival days ahead: The festival journey starts at 6:00 pm with the intimate audio performance Not to Scale by Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton, which will accompany the festival until its final day. Gregor Zorc will also kickstart the festival at 6:00 pm with Human Territory and its reference to a deer – the subject title appearing in two forthcoming festival performances. In cooperation with local vocalists, the international co-production by Francesca Grilli, Record, will premiere at 7:30 pm. The young musician Minnite is scheduled to perform at 8:00 pm and heat up the atmosphere for DJ Raketa to take over and open the dancefloor from 9:30 pm onwards. The traditional cooking workshop by the chef Primož Dolničar and ladies from the Daily Activities Centre for the Elderly will provide the festival snacks.


Invitation to volunteers at 26th MLADI LEVI FESTIVAL 2023

The Mladi Levi Festival cannot be complete without the volunteers. Every year you help us organize and perform the festival, which brings current international and domestic theater, dance and multimedia artists to Ljubljana. We are counting on your help again this year.This year's Mladi Levi will take place between August 18 and 26 - nine days of exciting performances, workshops, international meetings, talks and gatherings.We will need the help of volunteers to ensure the smooth running of shows, performances, talks and other events, to help domestic and foreign artists and much more.As always, all of us together with the artists will rest and gather new strength at the traditional festival picnic right in the middle of the festival.Experience is not necessary and age is not a limitation, the only condition is a good will!If you would like to join the team of volunteers, please write to usuntil August 8, 2023 at: will be happy to see you ????More about the Festival's programme >> here.The Young Lions team 

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MENT 2023

MENT Ljubljana is one of the leading showcase festivals and music conferences in Central and Eastern Europe and the largest event of its kind in the region. It is a festival of music discoveries, presenting music performers from all over Europe.FESTIVAL TICKETaccess to all of the concerts during the festival: 29–31 March 2023- presale: 49,00 € (available until 28 March 2023)- walk-up: 59,00 € (29 March 2023)DAILY FESTIVAL TICKETS available from 1 March 2023.Presale: 22,00 € / walk-up: 25,00 €Tickets and informations: MENTThis year in the frame of MENT Festival the Old Power Station is hosting seven concerts:Thursday, 30th March:20.30 – 21.10 - GMB & jesusonecstasy: NEXUS A/V (SI)21.30 – 22.10 - Katarina Gryvul (UA)22.30 – 23.10 - Wojciech Rusin (PL)Friday, 31st March:20.00 – 20.40 - 3:rma (SI)21.00 – 21.40 - JAUSMĖ (LT)22.00 – 22.40 - KAČIS (SI)23.00 – 23.40 - GUGUTKE (SI)

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The Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition network is a partnership of arts and research organizations from the outskirts of Europe. We aim to connect artists and organizations that are well locally anchored in an international network that connects different peripheries, thus not placing them in the centre, but rather establishing a dispersed network of alliances and collaborations. Together, the partners organize various trainings and collaborations, we organize residencies and produce performances, and we also design new tools for work and communication among ourselves, with audiences, and with decision-makers.Ljubljana will host a network workshop aimed at facing the future, and at the same time a premiere of a new piece by Neja Tomšič - Nonument group, who is creating the performance Circle in co-production with Bunker, CCCluj and L'arboreto – within the framework of the network. The futuring workshop will invite participants to work together and learn about two of the key topics of the future – the culturalisation of space and life in the post-Anthropocene.Monday, August 22 at 10 a.m.Robertina Šebjanič: EMPATHIC STRATEGIES WORKSHOPTuesday, August 23 at 10 a.m.Dragan Živadinov: INFORMANSBlaž Šef: FIVE PLANS FOR MICROGLOBALIZATION, theatre essayMore about the project: strongerperipheries.euThe project Stronger Peripheries: A Southern Coalition is supported…


Andreja Rauch Podrzavnik: The Origami project

The Origami project deals with co-movement and confrontation of motive bodies, material, and space. It develops the ideas of dynamics and forms that occur in relation to materials – physical, motive and sonic. Origami strives toward a performance in which five performers use their movement and coordination of their paths to develop and modulate the chosen material; they spread, bend, turn, fold and unfold it. The duration and processuality of each phase of the changing sculpture offers a simple but elusive metaphor – everything changes and modulates, nothing is permanent, and yet in its fluidity, it also has small micro stops that provide a starting point for the next modulation. Duration is directly related to the movement of matter; the duration of establishing the surface, of folding, gluing, shaping. Through its own structure of compositions, the performance thus thinks its own process of passing, appearing, and disappearing and returning again.“Passing” is woven into the very medium of the live event, or into its ontology, and it appears to us, at its core, as an ephemeral, elusive form.But it is precisely through the elusive correlations created by the performers in their collective actions on stage that transform the choreography into a…

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Alicia Ocadiz & Tery Žeželj: Multispieces Landscapes: A Dinner of Liquid Tales

/…/ Would you like to taste a story about me? /…/ Some say that I looked different a while ago. If you want, I can whisper to you all the different versions about my past /…/ Maybe my story is a story about you. I remember you there, or some similar beings./…/ On the shortest day of the year, and just before the moment from when the days start getting longer again, we will gather and celebrate the darkness by fabulating the encounters with the unknown. /…/ Come hungry and let's digest together! /…/A Dinner of Liquid Tales is the last of four chapters of an artistic research project MULTISPIECES LANDSCAPE  created by the artist Tery Žeželj. Every chapter takes place on the day of the change of season, the last chapter takes place on 21st December, the first day of winter.Idea and realisation: Alicia Ocadiz & Tery ŽeželjSound design: Blaž PavlicaProducer: Maja VižinProduced by: Bunker, LjubljanaSupported by: Ministry for Culture of Republic of Slovenia, ACT – Art, Climate, Transition,European Union - Creative Europe Programme: Culture

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GIBANICA – 11th Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art

Gibanica, Biennial of Slovenian Contemporary Dance Art is considered the most important contemporary dance platform in Slovenia. It offers a curated selection of performances, which are always selected for the festival by a three member international selection team, and the selected performances of the competition programme compete for the Gibanica Audience Award and Jury Award for Best Performance. At the 11th Gibanica, 8 performances will compete for both awards.The Gibanica 2023 selection team – composed of Pia Krämer, Germany (with more than 35 years of experience in managing organizations and projects in the field of performing arts), Biljana Tanurovska Kjulavkovski, North Macedonia (curator, researcher and cultural producer, co-founder of the Nomad Dance Academy (NDA) platform and the project space Kino Kultura (KK), and programming director of the Skopje based NGO Lokomotiva), and Maja Kalafatić, Slovenia (dancer, choreographer, dance educator and yoga teacher who lives and works between Ljubljana, Belgrade and Helsinki) – wrote in the justification of the selection: “As the selection team, we were faced with the very difficult task of choosing between very diverse and high-quality performances, which would represent a certain selection of Slovenian production of the last two years. Therefore, we decided to present works that…

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