CHAPTER 2: Dreaming of landscape

The first year of the Multispecies Landscape by artist Teri Žeželj explores four methodologies for practicing a different relationship with the landscapes in which we live. The central methodology of the second chapter is imagination, I which we are mainly interested as a space of crossroads – a space of multiple worlds and an important space for practicing interspecies relations and synchronizing with different rhythms of life. How can we coexist and maintain relationships with the unknown, invisible, potential or immaterial? How to host a space where different perspectives can coexist?

In various traditions and lore, the summer solstice and Midsummer Night (June 23) have magical powers, and one of the well-known ancient religious wisdoms is that on Midsummer’s Night, fern seeds enable the understanding of the languages of other living beings with whom we share the world.

For this reason, we opened Chapter Two on the summer solstice, June 21, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. with a two-day workshop with Mala Kline, choreographer, performer, writer and expert in individual and collective dreaming. During two two-hour meetings, we experienced and learned about working with imagination, which opens up different ways of knowing and teaches “to read the signs and symbols of the dream language through which the world speaks” (Kline). We experienced the body as a community, a landscape that emerges among different agents and is inseparably linked to the wider landscape, and practiced using imagination to observe and dream of this landscape from within.
The workshop took place via Zoom on Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22 between 17:00 and 19:00.

The workshop was free of charge and was held in Slovenian. As the number of places is limited, prior registration to was mandatory.