Presentation of the Performing Sound and Music workshop

We will make use of the music and stage workshop to look into the question »What is music?«. Similarly to contemporary music, the workshop will raise questions and search for answers.
Contemporary music expects an active listener. It stimulates curiosity, addresses imagination, requires thinking, incites perception, disturbs the obvious, fuels skepticism, breaks rules, multiplies readings, critically comments, plays with expectations, provokes associations , and risks failure. Contemporary music is not necessarily pleasant, and does not try to please at all costs.
The visitor is left with the role of co creator through direct response, their own experience and interpretation.
We will prepare a public presentation – a sound performance event together with students, in which we will use various sound sources, electronic devices, video, body, etc.

The number of applicants is limited.

The ŠIFT workshop lasts 3 days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (26., 27. in 28.) – every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., in od 16h do 19h,  in the music classroom II. gimnazije Maribor.

On the last day, November 28, from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m., the workshop will be publicly presented.

  • Leaders of workshops and public presentations: Tomaž Grom and Loup Abramovici
  • Coordinator and producer: Špela Trošt
  • Artistic director: Bojan Jablanovec

»Shift is a performative format that in the period 2018–2022 will focus on systemic gaps of four topics: health, knowledge, work, justice. Shift moves within the health, social, law and education institutions.Shift does not invent. Shift is an evidence of the evident. Shift performs with those and for those who work and live in these institutions.«