The performance is in Slovene with English surtitles.

The creative poetics of group Beton Ltd. (Katarina Stegnar, Branko Jordan, Primož Bezjak) is marked by a search for personal interventions into global issues – their position is often one of performers –, the exploration of new, hybrid performing arts formats and mastery over a range of techniques. Ich kann nicht anders is their fifth performance, whose counterpoint between complete intimacy and echoes of global events plays reminiscence to the thesis of Srećko Horvat that a true revolution is always a revolution of everything, the complete range of social relationships, even those most intimate.

The world all around is overwhelmed with happening, saturated with change. If a single constant can be identified, it is uncertainty. We sense new currents yet their trajectory remains obscure. One possible strategy to combat the deafening noise of the world is a retreat into the inner sanctum. Not surrender, but the defense of one’s own intimate realm from the outside bedlam. A repositioning into intimacy, where freedom is possible and utopia is – now.

75 minutes

Concept and direction: Beton Ltd.
Performers: Katarina Stegnar, Branko Jordan, Primož Bezjak
Music: Dead Tongues
Set design: sonda4, Toni Soprano
Costume: Mateja Benedetti
Sound design: Jure Vlahovič
Dramaturgy assistant: Urška Brodar
Head technician: Andrej Petrovčič
Technician: Martin Lovšin
Executive producer: Maja Vižin
Production: Bunker, Ljubljana

 The performance Ich kann nicht anders will be presented within the framework of the performing arts programme “Nagib na oder” 2016/2017. (


22. 11. 2016




Narodni dom Maribor
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