10 conversations throughout the season 2015/2016

In the season 2015/2016, The Audience Council will respond to specific stage events on the Ljubljana independent scene. Throughout the season, we organize a series of Council assemblies (presumably ten) at various venues in Ljubljana, which will be taking place immediately after the performances. We will discuss with the audience about what we have seen and how we were watching it, what caught our attention, what were our expectations, and about our perception of the performance after the performers have left the scene.

The The Audience Council is not about debates about the contextual, conceptual or theoretical guidelines of the attended performances. It is about articulating and exchanging experiences, feelings and reflections about the relationship that the particular performance established with us, how it “communicated” with us and vice versa … The discussion will be entirely in the hands of the audience. We want to detect the moments in which we recognized ourselves as something that transcends individual differences among us – as an audience. Did the performance succeed in achieving this? At which point, in what way, why?

1st The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: September 22, 2015, Old Post Office, Mladinsko Theatre, after the performance Something’s In The Air! by Janša, Narat, Preda and Tomažin

2nd The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: October 14, 2015, Španski Borci Cultural Centre, after the performance Body of Voice by Irena Tomažin

3rd The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: November 14, 2015, Duša Počkaj Hall, Cankarjev Dom, after the performance Abrasion of Beauty by Saška Rakef

4th The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: December 11, 2015, Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana, after the performance Staging a Play: Glass Menagerie by Matija Ferlina

5th The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: February 25, 2016, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, after the performance Welfare to the Nation by Sinja Ožbolt

6th The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: February 28, 2016, Old Power Station – Elektro Ljubljana, after the performance If You’re Happy, Anti-Celebration by Jus, Duša, Frlic, Janežič, Živković, Zorman

7th The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: March 10, 2016, Mini Theatre, after the performance by Draga Potočnjak and Mare Bulc Zavednonezavedno

8th The Audience Council in the season 2015/2016: April 10, 2016, Glej Theatre, after the performance The Conference of the Birds by Jean-Claude Carrière and Nina Rajić Kranjac

The Audience Councils will be guided and moderated by Jedrt Jež Furlan, while the discussion will be in the hands of the audience.

Organized by: Bunker, Maska, Mesto Žensk and Via Negativa