The Audience Council is a series of public discussions about independent contemporary performances. Our creation is closely linked to the problems of today. We wonder if we are opening these issues in the right way. Are we dealing with the relevant issues? Do we know how to get in touch with the reality in which you live in and you brought to the performance? At each Council we will discuss on current performances on the Ljubljana independent scene with the aim to form the space for reflection, discussion and dialogue on what we watched, how we watched and what we saw.

This season the Audience Council is moderated by Katarina Stegnar, a renown actress, author and – audience member, Maša Radi Buh in Lea Kukovičič

The Audience Council in 2022

The Audience Council #1 2022: February 13th, after the performance by Via Negativa: KISS in Španski borci, Ljubljana

The Audience Council #2 2022: September 14th, after Neja Tomšič / Nonument Group: Circle, Stara mestna elektrarna, Ljubljana, with Lea Kukovičič

The Audience Council #3 2022: November 28th, after Agate Bankava, Artūrs Čukurs, Andrejs Jarovojs: The Lost Songs, Gimnazija Ptuj – Drugajanje festival, with Lea Kukovičič

Organization: Bunker, Via NegativaMaska in Mesto žensk. Sploh, En Knap, Moment


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