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We are happy to be able to share with you the information about our activities – the International Festival Mladi Levi, new artistic productions and the programme in Stara elektrarna (the Old Power Station). In Bunker we will use your data responsibly and only for the purpose of updating you on our activities.

How you can cancel the consents, demand deletion or modification of your data
You simply write to us at info@bunker.si.

Who do we share your information with
With no one, not ever.


What information we collect
Besides the e-mail we collect the IP address from which you signed in, and also when and which news you openned and browsed.

What purpose we collect it for
We collect data, to be able to send you our news. The information about openning and browsing we collect to see, if you read our mails at all. If you do not, we stop sending them, because we do not want to trash your inbox.

How long we are keeping the data
If you will read our newslettres, we will keep it as long as you unsubscribe + 1 year. If you will not read our newslettres, we will delete your data after 1 year.