Maria Lucia Cruz Correia has been collaborating with the Mladi Levi festival and Bunker for several years through the Imagine 2020 network, which has grown over the years from a network that sought to connect ecology and art with the common goal of raising awareness about climate change into a network that seeks to think in a more intersectional way, and – despite focusing on environment – is trying to think better (or less terrible) future through art, as well as to act. Cruz Correia’s work is not only located at the intersection of activism and art, but also extends to the fields of philosophy, ritual practices, intervention …

Voice of Nature: the Trial is the result of a long research process in which the artist didn’t remain an observer, nor did she attempt to maintain distance, but delved into struggle and suffering. This performance doesn’t allow the audience the comfort of an observer – they become participants in a performance which is openly trying to establish ecocide as a crime and tries to introduce a different understanding of nature.

Cruz Correia asks herself how to transform a mountain or a river into a legal entity, how to grant personhood to non‑humans? Instead of conventional judgements, she experiments with restorative justice practices and transformative processes. The ecocide is still not recognized as a crime in most countries and in international law.




Correia’s artistic work speaks her deep engagement for environmental issues. She reacts to the ecological crimes of our times by bringing audiences into a participatory environment that connects the artistic with the voices of scientists, activists and lawyers. Her actions tackle utopian healing by proposing clinical esthetics that unveil human and non-human interconnectivity. Correia’s work is informed by contemporary discourses on the anthropocene, colonialism of nature, climate change and pollution. Correia proposes participatory articulations by creating temporary autonomous platforms which create moments of disruption and harmony between seemingly disparate bodies of knowledge, cultural traditions, resilience, value systems and social transformation.

Since 2012, Correia is a city resident in Vooruitkunstcentrum and her work is being supported by Imagine 2020 network. In 2017 she received the Roel Verniers Prijs at the Theaterfestival with the project Voices of Nature: THE TRIAL. 


  • Concept, direction and set: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
  • Dramaturgy: Ingrid Vranken
  • Writer: Sébastien Hendrickx
  • Systemic Constellation Navigator: Luea Ritter
  • Performance Maria Dafneros
  • Sound Designer Joao Bento
  • Light Designer Vinny Jones
  • Video  Mark Pozlep
  • Costume Design Isabelle De Vos
  • Legal fact checkers: Hendrik Schoukens & Juan Auz
  • Research documentation: Mark Pozlep & Hana Vodeb
  • Advisors: Jeroen Peeters, Starhawk
  • Production: Tineke de Meyer
  • Co-production: Vooruit (B), Kaaitheater (B), Bunker (SL), Workspacebrussels (B),  Het TheaterFestival, t-heater & Circuit X (Roel Verniers Prijs 2017)
  • Produced by: Fo.am
  • Residency & Research: No Lugar (EC), Center for Creative Ecologies /Tj Demos(US), Artsadmin (UK), BUDA kunstcentrum (BE), WP Zimmer(BE), Bunker (SI)
  • With the support of: Imagine 2020 and the Flemish Community