Mala Kline: BLISS

BLISS is a clash – a clash of different languages and strategies of work, a confrontation of individual interests and drives for doing the work we do. Six internationally acclaimed artists working in the field of performance art come together to investigate desire as a driving force of their work and the ways how they individually construct their idnetities only to reflect on the possibility of a meeting and an emergence of a collective in the time where art has seemingly lost its power and impact on the social and political contexts. BLISS is a performance about why we do art and why we need it. It is an attempt to once again affirm its place.


  • Concept: Mala Kline
  • Creation and performance: Massimiliano Cuccaro, Leja Jurišič, Mala Kline, Vania Rovisco, Mike Winter
  • Space, costumes, light: Petra Veber
  • Sound: Sašo Kalan
  • Live music: Davor Herceg
  • Dramaturgy: Simona Semenič
  • Assistance: Anna Nowicka
  • Technical director: Andrej Petrovčič
  • Executive producers: Žiga Predan, Irena Silič
  • Production: Mercedes Klein
  • Coproduction: Bunker Ljubljana, Španski borci / EN-KNAP, Transforma, Maska, Pekinpah /King Kong
  • Support: Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for Culture

Foto: Miha Fras

Additional informations

4th September 2010 at 8.00 pm, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana