The last two recordings on the dictating machine
she got that very day for a present.

I`ll never see her again, though she`ll always stay here with me, and nobody will ever know I loved her. I used to keep from her and from the others how much she meant to me. No, I`m not ashamed. I`ll take all her things except for the record player and records that guy gave her who was completely crazy about her. Not even today can I listen to that song they danced to all night long. She didn`t want to come out. She screamed from behind the door that I should get lost, and that she didn`t want to see me … That`s why I called M. then who caught her with the guy. I`m a witch, but so what? God chose me and I listen to him. Today I`ll take a boat to get her. Then she`ll be mine, because she belongs to me like a leash belongs to a dog…

I killed him, but not her. Where did she go? I don`t know that. I`m not saying she`s not a bitch and that I would have … But I didn`t. They say, we must talk about things, that we can`t talk about, over and over again… and I don`t doubt that I must look a more cruel person than you. But this is because you didn`t see her face. Especially the glow in her eyes when I caught them together. It wasn`t just as you may well imagine, no. It was something unfamiliar to me, and that`s why I was afraid and I didn`t know where to go. I ran away, but it seemed the sky was raining on my head all the women of this world, and I wanted them to gouge out my eyes, so I could no longer see her glow shining on him. That`s all I have to confess. I know I`ll hang anyway, so don`t pardon me at all, because I`m not sorry for what I`ve done.


  • Directed by: Matjaž Pograjc
  • Performed by: Alma Blagdanič, Igor Dragar, Janja Majzelj, Ivan Peternelj, Blažka Mueller, Branko Potočan, Matej Recer
  • Music composed by: Mitja Vrhovnik – Smrekar
  • Costume design: Uroš Belantič
  • Set design: Betontanc, Tomaž Štrucl
  • Light design: Piškotdesign, Tomaž Štrucl
  • Integral image: Iztok Lovrič
  • Photography: Diego A. Gomez, Tina Ruisinger
  • Production: Glej Theatre
  • Co-production: Cankarjev dom
  • Production was financed by: Ministry of Culture, City Council of Ljubljana

Photo: Tina Ruisinger, Matej Družnik
Video: Bunker archive
Editors: Gregor Gobec, Urška Boljkovac

Additional informations

May 1995, Cankarjev dom

Past performances:

  • September 1995, TANZ UND TEATER INTERNATIONAL 95, Hannover
  • October 1995, MANOVER 95, Leipzig
  • November 1995, LA MAMA, New York
  • March 1996, NEW MOVES, Glasgow
  • March 1996, ADELAIDE FESTIVAL, Adelaide
  • June 1996, ISRAEL FESTIVAL, Jerusalem
  • October 1996, BORŠTNIKOVO SREČANJE, Maribor
  • June 1997, FILO Festival, Londrina
  • June 1997, TANEC PRAHA, Prague
  • June 1998, Festival A PART, Katowice
  • October 1998, OFF PREZENTACE TEATRALNE, Bydgoszcz
  • October 1998, TEATR MALY, Warsaw
  • December 1999, MTM, Murska sobota

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