AT MY PLACE, blue contemplations for theatre

A title is not just a title, it is a compass, says the director and playwright of the elusive theatrical genre Mirjana Medojević, a Montenegro native living in Slovenia. At My Place, blue contemplations for theatre is a home lab that began with a reflection on where to create theatre if the virus does not allow us to enter theatres. Four artists talk about theatre in the mysteriousness of the home: Anja Novak as the Hostess of the Blue Tea Party, Tamara Avguštin as the Blue Latecomer, Maruša Majer as the Blue Tracker and Mirjana Medojević as the Neighbour Turned Blue.
At My Place is a theatre fairy tale that grows out of three stories: The Ugly Duckling (H. C. Andersen), Vasilisa the Beautiful (Russian folk tale), and Alice in Wonderland (L. Carroll). The audience will set out together.

Where to, and whether we will go on a journey for real remains a blue mystery. Most often, journey is a metaphor that promises to the viewer a shift in the mental space. In the lab, at someone’s place, the journey is literal and metaphorical at the same time. Theatre is not a mystification, but it is mystical. Where is our home and who are we at home with? The quadrangle of female characters grows bigger when guests come to visit. Maybe it is a one time invitation, and maybe we’ll be invited again.


  • Director: Mirjana Medojević
  • Text, acting, costumes, space: Anja Novak, Maruša Majer, Tamara Avguštin, Mirjana Medojević
  • Also featuring: Blue-handed Cleaner, Blue-Eyed Healer, White Rabbit
  • Light: Mirjana Medojević
  • Effects: Anja Novak, Mirjana Medojević
  • Producer: Špela Kopitar
  • Produced by: Bunker, Ljubljana

    With the support of: Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestna občina Ljubljana

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