Who are we, the ones who created the environmental crisis, the ones that feel it, and whose world is it that is coming to an end?

The elementary basis of the audio visual installation is a set of several technological, random and particular information about various scientific discoveries that provide an alternative to the current methods of production in organization of life, waste, etc.

Environmental solutions call for systemic change and may already carry a germ of thinking the alternative, but are being transformed into a crisis of humanity by catastrophic narratives that preclude any other explanation. On the other hand, humanity particularizes the environmental crises and makes it impossible to form a coherent vision. Responsibility becomes individual, and the simultaneous feeling of limited imagination (as we cannot anticipate a different structural arrangement) inevitably leads to a feeling of anxiety.

There is a need for a more comprehensive reflection and understanding of the world that we have been trying so hard to appropriate for centuries. This is all the more necessary at a time when right-wing ideologies and authoritarian practices are gaining strength, which use the authoritarianism of capital to act in opposition to global warming and the environmental crisis.

Through mapping of the currently existing solutions arising in the context of the late capitalism, the installation creates an idea map of possible and existing solutions to environmental problems, and encourages thinking about an alternative reality or future which is not already foreknown by the present. At the same time, the set of solutions offers an insight into anthropocentrism, seeking to challenge the dogmatism of the environmental crisis – who are we, the ones who created the environmental crisis, the ones that felt it, and whose world is it that is coming to an end.

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Premiere: 10th junije 2020, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, as part of TRIPTYCH :::

Upcoming performances:

Past performances:

  • 5th to 24th June 2021, Puppet Theatre Maribor
  • 4th to 31st May 2021, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
  • 29th to 31st August 2020, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, as part of Trigger
  • 23rd to 27th August 2020, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, as part of Mladi levi 2020
  • 11th june 2020, Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana, as part of TRIPTYCH :::

Art, ecology and social change (A. Radaljac,
Archive of Self-Sufficiency (Maša Radi Buh, Kriterij)


  • Authors: Tery Žeželj, Ivana Vogrinc Vidali
  • Interpretation of texts:: Benjamin Jeram, Klemen Kovačič, Nika Vidic, Eva Stražar
  • Proof reading: Tanja Benčan
  • Technical assistance and consulting (lighting processing, sound processing and recording of audio work, programming): Blaž Pavlica
  • Technical support: Igor Remeta, Duško Pušica
  • Lighting design: Andrej Petrovčič
  • Executive producer: Maja Vižin
  • Public relations: Tamara Bračič Vidmar
  • Productiona: Bunker, Ljubljana

With support of: Ministry of Culture of Slovenia, City Municipality of Ljubljana, European Union: Creative Europe Programme – Culture, network ACT – Art, Climate, Transition

Photo: Nada Žgank

Sources and literature for the audio part:


After graduating high school, she first studied musicology at the Faculty of Arts for two years and then decided to start studying dramaturgy and performing arts at the Academy of theatre, radio, film and television. She finished her bachelor degree programme with a thesis on critical aspects of theatrical time as potentially constructive in creating alternative community spaces which can impact an individual’s perception of the world and she got the Prešern’s award for it.
While studying she worked as a dramaturg in student productions Oleanna (2018), »Srebrno rebro/Silver rib« (2018), »Otroci na oblasti/Power to the Children« (2019), »Kralj Lear/King Lear« (2019) and in coproduciton of AGRFT and Slovene National Theatre in Ljubljana for the project »Simpozij/Symposium« (2019). Performance »Power to the Children« won the grand prix on Festival of International Student Thetre in Belgrade, Serbia and the Prešern’s award of University in Ljubljana.
In 2018 she worked as a dramaturg with director Dragan Živadinov in performance »Odilo. Zatemnitev. Oratorij./Odilo. Obscuration. Oratorium.« In 2019 she was assistant of dramaturgy and directing in project National Reconcilation: Freedom Landscapes with Ana Vujanović and Marta Popivoda.
She is part of the editorial committee of student magazine »Adept«. Last year she started editing theatre programmes in Glej Theatre in Ljubljana. In January 2020 she had two premiers of projects where she worked as a dramaturg: student production »Ljudožerci/Cannibals« and a puppet show »Ponočnjaki/Nachfalter« which was a coproduction of Puppet theatre Maribor and werk98 from Vienna.

Ivana Vogrinc Vidali

Ivana Vogrinc Vidali was born in Maribor in 1997. In 2016, she became a student of Film and Television Directing at the Academy of Theater, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana.
At the end of her first year, she made a feature film Blind Spot (2017), and the next year, an experimental documentary On the Moon, Luna, and Their Reflection (2018). It was included in the competitive study program of the largest and most important Eastern European documentary film festival, Ji.hlava 2019, among others.
In 2019, she made a short experimental film Vialund (2019) – her first project outside the Academy. So far, it was screened at the FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival 2019 and at the Festival of Slovenian Film 2019. She is currently working on a dissertation film Transnebesna železnica (“Transcelestial Railway”).
She is a member of the Association for Film Culture Development, Maribor, where she curates and is the head of Ekstremno slovensko 2 (“Extremely Slovenian 2”) programme (film evenings with young filmmakers), and collaborates with Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL) as the author of video trailers.