Zala Dobovšek (Theatre Playground 2.0), lecture

Theater about “others”, for “others” and with “others”

introductory lecture

As part of the Theatre Playground 2.0 project, for the fourth time, we will conduct a School in Culture for teaching staff. A School in Culture is like a school in nature, except that the urban and the arts are the key elements instead of nature and sport.

It is carried out for the third triad of primary school children, and occasionally also for pedagogical workers, who thus gain the experience of an activity to which they invite children, and at the same time it is an educational opportunity.

This time, for the fourth time, the School in Culture for Pedagogical Workers is being prepared in cooperation with SLOGI, the Golden Wand (Ljubljana Puppet Theater) and the City of Women Festival. Throughout the workshops, performances, various talks and reflections, the entire three-day program will be dedicated to the theater of “others”, “others” and “others”, so we invited Zala Dobovšek (who also co-authored one of the program’s performances; Somewhere Else) to prepare an introductory lecture. The lecture is open for everyone and is free of charge.

Theatre Playground 2.0 is a project co-financed by the European Social Fund and the Ministry of Culture.

Admission free.

More information about the project:


03. 10. 2019


13:05 - 15:00


Admission free.