A Map of the Heart
The Catalan group Playground creates a theatre of objects. It was formed in 2003 by the actor Xavier Bobés. His first performance was “Head in the Clouds” and Xavier has already toured at many festivals with this performance. The intonation of the performance is created using children’s toys. The main protagonist enlivens them with expert manipulation and with the help of Chinese shadow puppets, dance and digital animation.
The story could be summarized like this: One morning a young woman is abandoned by her lover. The story-teller/animator leads us through her suffering, shows us pieces of her broken heart, her desires and yearnings, until the young woman finally finds a new love and falls in love once more. As the creators of the performance say: “For us, there is no difference between the reality of the stage andfantasy.” It is not surprising then that this performance has some really magical moments. It is suitable for audiences of all ages.

Creator, performer: Xavier Bobés
Acting director: Eric de Sarria
Video: Albert Coma
Music: Julià Carboneras
Photography: la murga
Costumes: Dulce MaFernández
Supported by: KRTU (Generalitat de Catalunya) & Kulturprozent

50 minutes


21. 08. 2006