Visit to the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies Vitanje

August 29th departing in front of Metelkova 2 at 11.00 am, returning to Ljubljana at 4.30 pm

A remarkably unique institution in the arena of culture, the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies Vitanje, will open its doors on the September 6th this year. Guests of the Mladi levi festival are kindly invited to attend a pre-opening excursion to the Centre, where the artist Dragan Živadinov will explain its purpose and outline its future projects. A short artistic intervention will be held before the presentation.

Ksevt’s permanent project is 0.14::VERTIKALIZACIJA::MG
The première of the fifty-year-long theatre performance NOORDUNG::1995-2045 took place in 1995. Once every ten years a reprise will be staged on the same day, at the same time and with the same performers. If one of the actors or actresses happens to die in the interval, they will be replaced on stage by an abstract entity, manipulated by a remote control and set up in the equatorial orbit as an art satellite in 2045. In 2011, Milena Grm, the first actress of this fifty year-long performance, passed away.


29. 08. 2012