Ursula Martinez is already well‑known in Ljubljana – she has been at the Mladi Levi festival with her performance Show Off, and at the City of Women festival with My Stories, Your E-mails. She has also collaborated with Ljubljana‑based Image Snatchers. Martinez likes to incorporate autobiographic elements into her works, so we will let her to autopresent: »I mix theatre concepts, personal experiences, and popular formats in order to create an innovative, challenging, experimental theatre that entertains and reflects our contemporary, postmodern world. At the core of the work is a commitment to exploring humour and what it is to be human«.

Her first theatre performance was Family Outing – this time, she is returning with Family Outing – 20 years on. The family is different after 20 years – but it already turned the Tolstoy’s quote about families upside down in the first performance, since her family is not unhappy, but rather happy in its own unique way. At the time, the critics also wrote that she invented a new genre with the performance; twenty years later, she has retained it – the performance is an emotional polygon: we cry, we laugh, we laugh and cry at the same time – what is life, after all, if not passing while we try to preserve ourselves and our loved ones, and at the same time not lose our sense of humor? In her performance, Martinez speculates with her mother and sister what it will be like after another 20 years, and with such a performance, we can only hope for the third part. Long live Ursula Martinez and her family!

(United Kingdom)

  • Performed by: Ursula Martinez, Milagros Martinez
  • Lighting design: Christopher Copland
  • Directed by: Mark Whitelaw
  • Written by: Ursula Martinez, Mark Whitelaw


Duration: 70 minutes

The performance is in English, Slovene summary will be available.


31. 08. 2019


20:00 - 21:10


1 €


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