The Pitfalls of Participatory Practices in Art

Tuesday, 26th August at 4.00 pm
Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana
Participatory practice is the current culturo-political mantra. It is high on the financing agenda and consequentially we can see an inflation of participatory projects in art. While this fact should in no way diminish the meaning of such projects, it is nevertheless crucial to stay alert to the pitfalls that may accompany them, and the potential difficulties that they may cause. Can participatory practices in theatre provide an arena for the empowerment of people so that they can make decisions together on common matters? Does it have emancipatory potential? Or is it just one among
many aesthetic practices, or domains, where the participation of citizens loses its political sting, wearing itself out in the field of art?

Maja Hawlina’s introductory lecture will be followed by a round-table discussion.
Speaker: Maja Hawlina
Moderator: Una Bauer
Panel speakers: Corinne Maier, Roger Bernat, members of the network Create to Connect
The lecture and roundtable discussion will be a part of an international press conference held by the Create to Connect network.

The lecture and round-table discussion are in English.


26. 08. 2014


Stara mestna elektrarna