The Honey Walk

Tuesday, August 23rd at 6 pm
starting point in park Tabor by the fountain

A walk across Tabor with a beekeeper Andrej Bertocchi

People are becoming more and more aware of the fact that bees are essential for the world to exist in its current form. Andrej Bertocchi is a beekeeper and raises bee families at his home as well as at the Rog factory, located in the city quarter Tabor. We will take a walk with Mr Bertocchi to find out whether bees can also be good friends and whether city-made honey might perhaps be equally or even more delicious than any other honey. We will wrap up the walk with the viewing of the short film Back to the city about bees by Polonca Lovšin. Videoanimation was made based on research focused on bees, but that explores human relationship with nature, city and rural areas through bees. This work shatters our usual perception of nature in the city and in the coutryside.


23. 08. 2011


Park Tabor