THE DEPTH OF ANXIETY – Sneak preview

Dance and music performance

Dance and music performance “The Depth of Anxiety” was inspired by decades of creative work by the choreographer and dancer Anja Robida. It illustrates her internal battles and dealing with the questions of existence, acceptance, addiction, temptation, denial, conflicts and understanding. Searching for oneself which leads to understanding and finally accepting your own true essence. Inside and out. As the performance sets out on a journey of sadness, fear and disappointment, musical arrangements based on motifs by Tom Waits make for a perfect match.
The performance will be accompanied by Dejan Nikolić’s photography exhibition #myflatmystage.

Sneak preview: 19.04.2022 at 8pm (15€) – BUY TICKETS
Premiere: 20.04.2022 at 8pm (18€) – BUY TICKETS

Performers: Anja Robida (dance), Sabina Kogovšek (narrative)

Director: Jernej Čampelj
Choreography, movement: Anja Robida
Author of text: Rok Vilčnik
Musical arrangements: Rudi Gas
Musical ensemble: Anja Strajnar (vocals), Rudi Gas (vocals), David Kocmur (guitar), Žiga Šercer (drums), Dejan Hudoklin (bass)
Costumography: Alja Drame
Technical management: Boris Petovar
Photography: Dejan Nikolič
Producer: Anja Robida
Executive Producer: Smejmo se


19. 04. 2022






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